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Coffee & Cookies Gift Set

Coffee & Cookies Gift Set

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This gift set is great for any coffee lover.  Our selections of coffees/espressos includes a variety of flavors, from classic Saigon Espresso to new trendy flavors like Anaerobic Arabica, allowing you to create a special treat.  Then what better way to enjoy coffee than with specialty cookies from Deez Cookies?! This gift will include an 8 ounce phin filter, 3 Lemon Poppy seed shortbread cookies and 3 Brown Sugar Tea cake cookies with green coconut rum and chocolate glaze , to be paired with a choice of 12 ounce bag of coffee. 

Brewing Tips

This blend is made to be savored as espresso brewed with a phin filter. You can also enjoy it as a coffee with medium grind, but we would not go to a  larger size.

Adding sweetened condensed milk is a must for a more traditional Vietnamese way of enjoying this bold brew. This will help meld all the caffeine and fruitiness into a perfect cup. 

Region Harvested

Lam Dong, Viet Nam

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