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Honey Processed Arabica (3/4 lb)

Honey Processed Arabica (3/4 lb)

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This is a limited release of our dark roasted natural processed Arabica. Crafted using a unique honey processing method, this coffee offers a rich and smooth taste with a natural sweetness that balances the robust flavor of the dark roast. The full bodied Arabica is very forward with a light smokiness with a nice smooth finish. It hails from Da Lat and is great in a French press or in a pour over.

Brewing Tips

The Arabica works perfectly with a phin filter and a french press, but you can also enjoy it in any other way you’d savor a dark roasted bean.

Use your preferences for cream and sugar to come up with your perfect cup, but we are partial to sweetened condensed milk. 

Region Harvested

Da Lat, Viet Nam

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