Our time in Viet Nam left us enamored with the culture and flavors of Vietnamese espresso and tea.

We reminisce about sparking spontaneous celebrations with carefully brewed cups of Vietnamese espresso.

We yearn for the calm from an afternoon cup of freshly steeped tea leaves. So we made it our mission to bring the flavors and culture of Vietnamese espresso & tea to the United States.

Our espresso & teas are best enjoyed intentionally, either with close friends & family or during a calm moment of solitude.

The rich flavor profiles of our espresso beans will carry you to the humid, tropical Central Highlands region of Vietnam amid the basalt cliffs. The unique and exclusive bouquets of our tea leaves will lead you to the serenity of Viet Nam’s lush forests.

Place your phin filter over your favorite mug, and join us for a memorable cup of Viet Nam. 

Chân thành cảm ơn (thank you very much)!

Chris & Nathan

Proudly LGBTQ+ owned.