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Experience the bold flavors of Viet Nam.

We're sharing the flavors that can only be found in Vietnamese espressos & teas so that you can share them with your family and friends. 

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Committed to Sustainability

Sustainability is the foundation of Viet Espresso & Tea

Being good stewards of the earth is brewed directly into our business model. We’re members of 1% for the Planet.

Vietnamese Tea

Sip our traditional Vietnamese teas

Our teas are steeped with thousands of years of tradition to make you feel like you’re plucking tea leaves straight from the tree. 

Vietnamese Espresso

Indulge in our bold Vietnamese espressos

Our rich, robust espressos will inspire you to invite your friends and family over to savor the flavors of Viet Nam.

The Black Lotus Tea reminds me of my travels to Viet Nam.

I just ordered more of this wonderful tea—it reminds me of my three visits to beautiful Viet Nam. I can’t travel as much now, so I depend on your tea to remind me of my favorite country.

~Alice E

After diving into your espressos, I’m enamored.

I never made Robusta Espresso before, so I gravitated to that first. I mixed it with sweetened condensed milk and it was absolutely fantastic. The balance between roastiness and fruitiness from a dark roasted natural process coffee was stunning, and with the sweetened condensed milk, it reminded me of a chocolate-covered cherry.

~Sean A

Great customer service!

And the personal touch for the order was very thoughtful. The Saigon Espresso Blend coffee is great and even though I’m not super into tea, I really enjoyed the Jasmine Tea!

~Rachael W

Everything from Viet is high quality!

I love trying new & unique coffee beans. Their anaerobic is my go-to when impressing family & friends. Viet's customer service is also second to none.

~ Eric P


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Savor the bold flavors of espresso & tea imported from Viet Nam

We handpick the best farmers and cooperatives so our customers can indulge in the best of Viet Nam. 

Viet Nam’s Central Highlands’ tropical climate and monsoons combined create the perfect growing region for our espresso beans.

Loose-leaf teas steeped in millennia of tradition taste like they were freshly plucked from the tree.

  • Robustly caffeinated espressos

  • Exclusive loose-leaf tea flavors

  • Sustaining members of 1% for the Planet

  • Proudly LGBTQ+ owned