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Anaerobic Arabica (3/4 lb)

Anaerobic Arabica (3/4 lb)

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Savor the rich and fruity notes of our premium selection of Anaerobic coffee, carefully sourced and roasted for coffee connoisseurs looking for a truly extraordinary coffee experience. These Arabica beans are fermented in juices derived from the cherry surrounding them. Afterward, they are dried, which produces a fun jam-like flavor with hints of pecan and malt. These beans have been lightly roasted to help bring as much character as possible. 

Brewing Tips

This Arabica makes a superbly delicious cold brew coffee, but you can also enjoy it in any other way you’d savor a light bean.

Drink this coffee black or add a drop of sweetened condensed milk for a more traditional Vietnamese way of enjoying this brew.

A medium grind is recommended, but medium coarse down to fine will work depending on your brewing method

Region Harvested

Da Lat, Viet Nam

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