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Saigon Espresso (3/4 lb)

Saigon Espresso (3/4 lb)

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Our most popular product is our traditional Saigon Espresso Blend. Perfect for espresso lovers who want a unique and authentic Vietnamese coffee experience. It contains hints of strawberry, nuttiness, & dark chocolate. and Sourced from the highlands of Vietnam, our beans are carefully roasted to bring out the best flavors. This blend is a mix of our Robusta Honey and Arabica Honey. Honey refers to the natural processing of the coffee bean. Robusta has almost double the caffeine as Arabica, so this espresso will have a big boost to your morning. 

Brewing Tips

This blend is made to be savored as espresso brewed with a phin filter. You can also enjoy it as a coffee with medium grind, but we would not go to a  larger size.

Adding sweetened condensed milk is a must for a more traditional Vietnamese way of enjoying this bold brew. This will help meld all the caffeine and fruitiness into a perfect cup. 

Region Harvested

Lam Dong, Viet Nam

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